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The Academy of American Poets:

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Action Books:

The Advocado Press:

Adventures in Poetry:

AGNI Magazine:

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AK Press:


Alice James Books:

Alternate Press Books:

American Literary Review:

American Poetry Review:

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Another Chicago Magazine:

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Aquarius Press:

Aqueduct Press:

Archipelago Books:

Arc Poetry Magazine:

Arc Publications:

Arsenal Pulp Press:

Arte P├║blico Press:

Ascent Magazine:

The Ashland Poetry Press:

The Asian-American Writers' Workshop:

The Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP):

Astounding Beauty Ruffian Press:

Atlanta Review:

August House:

Aunt Lute:

Ausable Press:


Autumn House:

Avec Books:

Avenue B:

Avery House Press Inc.:

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Backstage Books:

The Backwaters Press:

Banff Centre Press:

Barn Owl Review:

Barrow Street:

Bateau Press:

Bayeux Arts:

Baylor University Press:

Beacon Press:

Bear Star Press:

Bella Books:

Bellevue Literary Press:

Between the Lines:

Big Head Press:

Bilingual Review Press:

Bison Books:

Bitter Oleander Press:

BkMk Press:

Black Classic Press:

Black Lawrence Press:

Black Moss Press:

Black Sparrow Books:


Bloodaxe Books:


Bluestem Press:

BOA Editions, Ltd:

Bold Strokes Books:

Bomb Shelter Press:

Book Expo America:

Book Publishing Company:

Book Thug:

Bordighera Press:

Borealis Press:

Bottom Dog Press:

George Braziller, Inc.:

Breakaway Books:


Brickhouse Books:!bhbwebs.ite/bhb.htm

Briery Creek Press:

Bright Hill Press:

BrokenBeautiful Press:

Broken Jaw Press:

Brown Paper Publishing:

Bucknell University Press:

Burning Bush Publications:

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Buschek Books:

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Cannibal Books:

Carcanet Pres:

Carnegie Mellon University Press:

Catalyst Book Press:

Cavan Kerry Press:

Cave Canem:

Center for Book Arts:

Chardon Press:

Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company:

Chax Press:

Chelsea Green:

Chiasmus Press:

Chicory Blue Press, Inc.:

Children's Book Press:

Chronicle Books:

Cincos Puntos Press:

City Lights:

City Works Press:

Clarity Press:

Clear Cut Press:

Clear Light Publishers:

Cleis Press:

Cleveland State University Poetry Center:

Coffee House Press:

Columbia University Press:

Common Courage Press:

Conari Press:

Concrete Wolf Publications:

Confluence Press:

Continuum Books:

Conundrum Press:

Copper Canyon Press:

Cork University Press:

Cormorant Books:

Cornell University Press:

Coteau Books:

Council of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP):


C & R Press:

Creation Books:

Creative Book Publishing:

Cumulus Press:

Curbstone Press:

Cuz Editions:

Cynic Press:

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Dalkey Archive Press:

Dancing Girl Press:

Del Sol Press:

Dharma Publishing:

The Disinformation Company:


Dowitcher Press:

Dragon Press:

Dufour Editions:

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Duquesne University Press:

Duration Press:

Dzanc Books:

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ECW Press:

Edge Books:

Ediciones del Norte:

Effing Press:

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Elik Press:

Elixir Press:

Emergency Press:

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Essay Press:

Etruscan Press:

Europa Editions:

Exact Change:

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The Fair Press:

Fairleigh Dickinson University Press:

Fantagraphic Books:

Farrar, Straus and Giroux:


Feminist Press:

Fence Books:

Feral House:

Fernwood Publishing:

Fiction Collective Two (FC2):

Fiction International:

Finishing Line Press:

Firewheel Editions:

First Intensity Press:

Flambard Press:

Flood Editions:

Floricanto Press:

Flume Press:

Foot Hills Publishing:

Four Way Books:

Fordham University Press:

Four Way Books:

Freedom Press:

Freedom Voices:

Frog Hollow Press:

Fugue State Press:

Future Tense Publishing:

Futurepoem Books:

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Gallaudet University Press:

Garrett County Press:

Georgetown University:

Ghost Road Press:


GirlChild Press:

Gival Press:

David R. Godine, Publisher:

Gorsky Press:

Granary Books:

Graywolf Press:


Green Dragon Press:

Green Integer:

Grove Press:

Gryphon House, Inc.:

Guernica Editions:

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Hamilton Stone Editions:

Hanging Loose Press:

Hard Press Editions:

Harvard University Press:

Haworth Press:

Hawthorne Books and Literary Arts:

Haymarket Books:

Helicon Nine:

Hermana, Resist:

Highmoonoon Books:

Hill Street Press:

Himalayan Institute:

Hobart and William Smith Colleges Press:

Holy Cow! Press:

Host Publications:

Hourglass Books:

House of Anansi Press:

Howard University Press:

Human Rights First:

Human Rights Watch Publications:

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Ig Publishing:

Improvised Music from Japan:

Indiana University Press:

Inner Traditions:

Insomniac Press:

Interlink Books:

Island Press:

ISI Books:

Italian American Writers:


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Jargon Books:

The Johns Hopkins University Press:

Just Us Books:

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Kalamalka Press:

Kali for Women:

Kearney Street Workshop:

Kelsey St. Press:

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Knopf Publishing House (Alfred A. Knopf):

Kore Press:

Kodansha International:

Krupskaya Books:

Kulupi Press:

Kumarian Press:

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La Alameda Press:

Lake Forest Literary Festival:

Lantern Books:

Last Gasp Books:

Leapfrog Press:

Leaping Dog Press:

Lee & Low Books:

Les Figues Press:

Litmus Press:


Litteraria Pragensia:

Little, Brown and Company:

Livingston Press:

Lost Horse Press:

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Louisiana Literature Press:

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Lumen Books:

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Main Street Rag Store:


Mandala Publishing Group:


Manic D Press:

Manifest Press:

Many Names Press:

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Marsh Hawk Press:

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press:

Mayapple Press:


McSweeney's Books:

Mercer University Press:

Mercury House:

Meritage Press:

Merrell Publishers:

Miami University Press:

Michigan State University Press:

Mid-List Press:

A Midsummer Night's Press:

Milkweed Editions:

Millivres Prowler Group:

The MIT Press:

Monthly Review Press:

Moving Parts Press:

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Nation Books:

National Endowment for the Arts (NEA):

New Directions Publishing:

New Issues Poetry & Prose:

The New Press:

New Rivers Press:

New Society Publishers:

New Star Books:

New Victoria Publishers, Inc.:

New Village Press:

New York University Press:

New Sage Press:

Night Shade Books:

Ninebark Press:

No Tell Books:

Noemi Press:

Nolo Press:

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Northern Illinois University Press:


Northwestern University Press:

NYU Press:

Now What:

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Off The Grid Press:

Ohio University Press:

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Ontario Review Press:

Oolichan Books:

Open City Magazine & Books:

Orbis Books:

Orchises Press:

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Other Press:

OV Books:

Other Voices:

The Owl Press:

Oxford University Press USA:

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Paycock Press:

Marc Penka Poetry Award:

Penmaen Press Books:

Penn State University Press:

Persea Books:

Perugia Press:

Pilot Books:

Plain View Press:

Platonic 3Way Press:

Pleasure Boat Studio:

Plough Publishing House:

Pluto Books:

Poets Corner Press:


Poltroon Press:

Post-Apollo Press:

Post Pressed:

Potomac Books:

Powerhouse Books:



Prickly Paradigm:

Princeton University Press:


Purdue University Press:


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Quale Press:

Raven Tree Press:

Ravenna Press:

Raw Dog Screaming Press:

Reaktion Books:

Red Hen Press:

Red Letter Press:

Red Morning Press:

Red Wheel/Weiser:

Redbone Press:

RE/Search Publications:

Rich Shapiro:

Roof Books:

RopeWalk Press:

Rose Metal Press:

Rowman & Littlefield:

Rutgers University Press:

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Sage Hill Press:

Salmon Poetry:

Salt Publishing:

San Diego City Works Press:

San Diego State University Press:

Sarabande Books:

Scarecrow Press, Inc.:

Scarlet Tanager Books:

Seal Press:

Second Story Press:

See Sharp Press:

Sentient Publications:

Serpents Tail Publishing:

Seven Stories Press:

Shambhala Publications:

Sheep Meadow Press:

Shenandoah, The Washington and Lee University Review:

Shoemaker & Hoard:

Sierra Club Books:

Signature Editions:

Silverfish Review Press:

Simon & Schuster:

Sixteen Rivers Press:

Slapering Hol Press:

Slope Editions:

Small Beer Press:

Small Desk Press:

Smart Art Press:

Snapshot Press:

Snow Lion Publications:

Soft Skull Press:

Soho Press:

South End Press:

Southern Illinois University Press:

Southern Methodist University Press:

SPD Books:

Speck Press:

Spineless Books:

Spinsters Ink:

Spire Press:

Spout Press:

Spuyten Duyvil:

Stanford University Press:

Star Cloud Press:


Station Hill/Barrytown:

Steerforth Press:

Stone Bridge Press:

StringTown Press:

Subito Press:

Subpress Collective:

Sumach Press:

SUNY Press (State University of New York Press):

Surrealist Editions & Black Swan Press:

Switchback Books:


Syracuse University Press:

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Tam Tam Books:

Tarpaulin Sky Press:

Teachers & Writers Collaborative:

Teachers College Press:

Tebot Bach:

Temple University Press:

Texas A&M University Press:

The Texas Review:

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Texas Western Press:

Theatre Communications Group:

Thistledown Press Ltd.:

Thomas Dunne Books:

Tia Chucha Press:

Tilbury House:

Toadlily Press:

The Toby Press:

Trafford Publishing:


Trinity University Press:

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TSAR Publications:

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Twisted Spoon Press:

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Utne Reader:

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Whereabouts Press:

White Cliffs Media:

White Pine Press:

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Wings Press:

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Women's Press:

Word Warriors Press:

Word Works:

Wordcraft of Oregon:

WordTech Communications:

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Cover page for Volume 38, Issue 2
Volume 38, Issue 2

Cover page for Volume 38, Issue 1
Volume 38, Issue 1

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Volume 37, Issue 6

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Volume 37, Issue 5


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