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Articles appearing in the Victoria Advocate and other publications with reference to ABR and the UHV/ABR Reading Series. The list is ordered by most recent date.

2017 News

Writer evokes nature through poems (4/27/17)

Author evokes memories of people and place (4/26/17)

Poet to share observations with community through verse (4/23/17)

ABR speaker focuses on Cajun culture, roots (4/6/17)

Journey of faith and discovery (4/4/17)

ABR author's Cajun roots surface in poetry (4/2/17)

Elegance in action: Dorothy Alcorn (3/11/17)

UHV presenter focuses on race, equality in writing (3/10/17)

Author tackles race relations through memorable novels (3/8/17)

Author explores stories left untold by others (3/4/17)

Author shares memoir of life, friendship in city (2/16/17

Author's inimitable voice present throughout decades of writing (2/14/17)

Distinguished New York author next up in UHV/ABR Reading Series (2/12/17)

Austin author provides satirical look at writing craft (1/26/17)

Author mixes fact, fiction and absurdity (1/24/17)

Author, playwright brings personal connection to storytelling (1/22/17)

2016 News

UHV/ABR spring line up announced (12/1/16)

ABR presenter brings narrative to life through comedy (12/1/16)

Author shares darkly funny fictions (11/29/16)

Author uses comedy to focus on narrative (11/23/16)

Publisher talks about translator's 1.3M-word masterwork (11/3/16)

ABR speaker thinks readers can handle 1.3-million-word book (10/27/16)

Author honors community, vernacular in writing (10/6/16)

Next UHV/ABR Reading Series author explores family dynamics 9/29/16

ABR author urges students to take chances with writing (9/22/16)

Author spots humor in tragic situations (9/20/16)

ABR author looks for emotional honesty in storytelling (9/8/16)

Author relates puzzles, mystery, magic to writing process (9/1/16)

ABR author provides fresh perspective about writing process (8/18/16)

Author to map imagination as first ABR speaker (8/30/16)

UHV/ABR Reading Series announces fall 2016 authors (7/16/16)

UHV/ABR reading series honored by UH regents (5/22/16)

Bernstein appears in American Book Review Reading Series (4/28/16)

Poet to share how language inspires poetry (4/18/16)

ABR guest author celebrated for his experimental writing (4/4/16)

Author Valerie Sayers discusses baseball, war, latest novel (3/10/16)

Writer creates vivid portraits of place and time (3/9/16)

Author explores fidelity, effects of culture in novels (2/26/16)

ABR Reading Postponed (2/25/16)

UHV/ABR author's graphic novel comes alive (2/18/16)

Author, painter talks about creative process (1/28/16)

Prose that shimmers on the page (1/27/16)

Author brings powerful stories from subconscious to ABR (1/18/16)

2015 News

Author dispels false truths in History Channel miniseries (12/3/15)

Never give up, especially in Texas (12/2/15)

Author seeks to capture American pioneer spirit through writing (12/2/15)

UHV/American Book Review Reading Series announces spring lineup (11/21/15)

Author shares surreal reflections on being mother, child (11/5/15)

Finding words that capture fleeting beauty of experience (11/4/15)

Brown literary professor to read at UHV (11/2/15)

Novelist shares stories written with musical influence (10/24/15)

Texas State poet shares love for Gullah culture (10/15/15)

A poet most travelled to read at UHV (10/11/15)

ABR speaker talks comics (9/24/15)

Comics series editor to discuss medium's art, history (9/22/15)

American Book Review author discusses struggle between identities (8/31/15)

Fall UHV/ABR Reading Series underway (8/30/15)

Author discusses dualities within African-American culture (8/30/15)

UHV announces fall ABR series author lineup (7/12/15)

Poet finishes off 2015 spring reading series (4/23/15)

Alice Notley revels in poetics of disobedience (4/22/15)

Author brings urban poetry to reading series (4/19/15)

UHV, ABR author's debut novel tells family story (3/28/15)

Author portrays history through characters (3/12/15)

The versatile landscapes of Stephen Harrigan's prose (3/10/15)

UHV/ABR writer Stephen Harrigan tells stories connected to Texas (3/9/15)

Author shares stories reflective of fatherhood (2/19/15)

Writer's work is like a shot of adrenaline (2/18/15)

ABR author Stephen Jones straddles many genres (2/15/15)

Being Flynn author inspires young writers with humor, tragedy (2/11/15)

Nick Flynn's works examnine self, society (2/10/15)

Poet to bring love of interaction to UHV/ABR Reading Series (1/31/15)

2014 News

UHV/American Book Review releases spring 2015 series lineup (12/12/14)

Former UH System regent to gift home to UHV (ABR Reading Series mention) (11/12/14)

Author mixes Spanish culture in his storytelling (11/6/14)

Answers from the borders between (11/5/14)

Author explores contradictions in South Texas through stories (10/26/14)

Single images inspire short story subjects for author (10/14/14)

Author says take pride in your state (9/26/14)

Reading series author champions regional literature (9/25/14)

Author brings appreciation for regional literature to Reading Series (9/24/14)

Nicolas Kanellos starts American Book Review Series (9/5/14)

Book series' speaker preserves culture, history (9/3/14)

Renowned Hispanic literacy publisher to open fall UHV/ABR reading series (9/2/14)

Walker family donates $250,000 to name UHV's auditorium (ABR Reading Series mention) (8/23/14)

UHV announces fall American Book Review series author lineup (7/27/14)

Author reads from memoir, inspires others to follow suit (w/video) (4/24/14)

Editor's column: Journalists must guard against perpetuating stereotypes (4/23/14)

Centro Victoria: Letter to the Editor - Newspaper should apologize for illustration (4/23/14)

Author no stranger to honest, important writing (4/22/14)

Author to read from book optioned for HBO series (4/21/14)

Author Scott Russell Sanders reads stories from 'Ordinary Wealth' (w/video) (3/27/14)

ABR author examines life, nature in essays (3/26/14)

Author Scott Sanders aims to preserve environment for future generations (3/23/14)

Alex Espinoza discusses 'The Five Acts of Diego Leon' as part of ABR (w/video) (3/6/14)

Author describes rocky road to Hollywood (3/5/14)

Author provides insight on assimilation in Southern California (w/video) (2/20/14)

Author shares crossing cultures in Crossroads (2/19/14)

ABR author gives expressive reading of work from memory (w/video) (1/30/14)

Speaker shares explorations of identity (1/29/14)

2013 News

Author uses wordplay, humor in poetry, prose (11/21/2013)

Speaker is patron of Texas letters (11/19/2013)

ABR poet's award-winning work changes reader (11/5/2013)

Advocate Editorial Board opinion: Author's return to area is exciting for all (9/4/13)

Metamodernism, or the Twilight of Postmodernism (from Observator Cultural #691, in Romanian) (Sept. 2013)

UHV/ABR Reading Series to begin eighth year (8/3/13)

Author Cristina Garcia next ABR speaker (4/8/13)

Author relays challenges of writing, love for his hometown (3/22/13)

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