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In order to ensure that the American Book Review and its community outreach events are consistently and fully funded, the Friends of ABR Endowment Campaign was launched in the fall of 2007. The goal of this campaign is to raise $1 million from corporations, foundations, and individuals. We are pleased to announce we are already over a third of the way toward our goal, having raised to date almost $350,000.

In addition to helping to sustain the American Book Review's lasting place as champion of underrepresented and small press literature, revenues generated by the endowment will help underwrite honoraria and travel expenses associated with the UHV/ABR Reading Series and help establish new undergraduate and graduate curriculum at UHV in the publishing arts. We sincerely hope that the literary and cultural offerings provided by ABR will compel you to donate generously to our nonprofit enterprise. None of this would be possible without your support. Thank you so much!

Friends of ABR

Donor List

Underwriters $10,000+ Dorothy Alcorn
Julia Frey
National Endowment for the Arts
O'Connor & Hewitt Foundation
Benefactors $5,000 Exelon
Chris and Tenna Thompson
Wells Fargo Foundation
Patrons $2,500 Dr. Charles and Angela Alcorn
Dr. Jeffrey and Nina Di Leo
Goodman Financial Corporation
Mr. Dan Jezioro
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Loeb
Dr. Sharon Stubblefield
Ron and Kay Walker
Sponsors $1,000 Clay and Susan Cain
Engel Family Investments
First Victoria Bank
Dr. and Mrs. Fred M. Fry
John Griffin and Lynn Knaupp
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Guerra
Dr. Tim Hudson
Keating Family Foundation
KMH Wealth Management
Dr. Suzanne LaBrecque
Melvin and Janey Lack
John E. Martin
NewFirst National Bank
Morgan Dunn O'Connor
Terry and B.J. Peterson
Don and Susannah Porr
John and Aggie Quitta
Dr. John and Nell Starkey
Dr. Taylor and Myra Starkey
Steve and Nicole VanderVoort
Mrs. Leo J. Welder
Dr. Tom Williams
Richard and Lexey Wright
Sustainers $500 Betty Jo Buhler
Frost Insurance Group
Robert L. Gerry III
Penni and Dr. Leonard Geitz Drs. Charles B. and Victoria Harris
Frenkel Harris
Knox Key
Richard and Mary Logan (in honor of Dr. Tim Hudson)
Janet Stormont Miller
Susan and Bob Oakley
Robert Oliver
Supporters $250 Mrs. Grace DeTar Anderson
Will and Linda Armstrong
Mac Averill
Dr. Bruce and Vicki Bauknight
Carmen Edington
Linda Elmore
David C. Felts
Joe Ferguson
Burdine and Lester Giese
Dr. Uppinder Mehan and Janice E. Hill
Gary Moses
Amy Mundy
Lance and Andi Olsen
Dr. Margaret Hunt Rice
Paula and David Robinson
Mrs. F.B. Shelton
Texas Health Center, P.A.
Steve Tomasula
Friends $100 Dr. Angela Ball
Laurel Blossom
Dr. Charles Bullock
Paula Cobler
Joe and Susan Cohen
Marcel Cornis-Pope
Crossroads Title Company (in memory of Naomi Toles)
Dr. Cay Dollerup Diamond Fiberglass
Donald A. and Betty Jo Elder
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Fagan
Lexey Fender
Dr. Robin Truth Goodman
Charles and Shirley Goodwin
Mrs. Milton Greeson, Sr.
Gary Hall and Eileen Stewart
Joseph and Bertha Haske (in memory of Ramona Haske)
George Held
J. D. Hutson
Todd J. Jett & Charlotte L. Donoghue (in memory of William T. Donoghue)
Keith Leslie Johnson
Charley and Ernestine Kidder
Steven Kidder
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lee, III
Michael E. Lindgren
Larry McCaffery
C.K. McCan Jr.
Fred Muratori
Mary Sue Nelson
Richard D. Phillips
Liedeke Plate
Mr. and Mrs. Venable Proctor
Rawley McCoy & Associates, LLC
Ken and Peggy Titt
Elena Tyng Watts (in memory of Sandra Williams)
Matthew K. and Gay G. Wickham
Mark E. Zafereo
Associates $50 Susie Albert
Jan Baetens
Ned Balbo
Dr. Eric L. Ball
Brent Bellamy
Sean Bernard
Paula Bomer
Rosellen Brown
Gerald L. Bruns
Terry Caesar
William M. Clements
Paul Collins
Tracy Daugherty
Victor Davis
David B. Downing
Elizabeth Duquette
Dr. Brian Evenson
Ileen F. Foley (in memory of Roy Fergusson)
Joan Frank
Geoffrey Gatza
Dr. Dinda Gorlée
Amelia Gray
Dr. Kim Herzinger
Walter Hess
Douglas D. Hesse
Mary and Morse Hicks
Dr. Walter Jacobs
Dr. Aaron Jaffe
Genevieve Kaplan
Judith Kitchen
Pam Kingsbury
Dr. Anna M. Klobucka
Clifford E. and Magdalena S. Kuykendall
Al and Lidia Ledesma
Dr. Karin Lesnik-Oberstein
Anne Luyat
John Maerhofer
John McGowan
Bill V. Mullen
Lydia Netzer
Doug Nufer
Alissa Nutting
Chad Parmenter
James Pate
Ted Pelton
Linda H. Peterson
John D. Pizer
Melissa and Bland Proctor
Roy L. and Ileen F. Randolph-Foley
Martin Riker
Al and Lidia Serrata Ledesma
Robert Shapard
Danielle D. Smith
Anna Soo-Hoo
Janet Stewart
Susan Strehle
Susan Rubin Suleiman
Dr. Beverly Tomek
Deb Olin Unferth
VMC Signs, Inc.
Barry and Lorna Wallenstein
Alyson Waters
Michael Weston
Curtis White
Sandra S. Williams (in memory of Dennis Williams)
Eric Miles Williamson
Bruce and Eleanor Wright

Donation Designations

Underwriter $10,000+ ABR Donations : Make your donation today.  
Benefactor $5,000 ABR Donations : Make your donation today.  
Patron $2,500 ABR Donations : Make your donation today.  
Sponsor $1,000 ABR Donations : Make your donation today.  
Sustainer $500 ABR Donations : Make your donation today.  
Supporter $250 ABR Donations : Make your donation today.  
Friend $100 ABR Donations : Make your donation today.  
Associate $50 ABR Donations : Make your donation today.  

Annual distributed income from the endowment is to be used for operational support of the American Book Review program at University of Houston-Victoria. Operational support can include, but is not limited to, staff salaries and wages, operating expenses such as costs involved with design, layout, printing, distribution and mailing, marketing, and other miscellaneous costs associated with the program.

Questions and requests for further information should be directed to

Cover page for Volume 38, Issue 2
Volume 38, Issue 2

Cover page for Volume 38, Issue 1
Volume 38, Issue 1

Cover page for Volume 37, Issue 6
Volume 37, Issue 6

Cover page for Volume 37, Issue 5
Volume 37, Issue 5

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